The richest man in the world in one night has earned $6.5 billion

The status of Jeff Bezos exceeded $105 billion Photo: Interfax

The founder and main shareholder of Amazon Jeff Bezos made a fortune by $6.5 billion in one evening.

During the evening session of February 1, the shares of Amazon rose by 6.2%, writes UNIAN.

Total assets Jeff Bezos exceeded $123 billion Is almost $30 billion more than bill gates, who is in second place in the list of the richest people in the world.

In January, Bezos earned $17.4 billion At the same time, Amazon shares over the past month rose by 19%. For comparison, the Dow Jones index that combines quotes of the 30 largest companies in the U.S. in January increased by 6%.

Thus, in early January, Bezos became the richest man in history. His fortune exceeded $105 billion But this rating did not take into account changes in the purchasing power of the dollar through inflation.

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994. For 2016, the company’s turnover amounted to about $136 billion in addition to the shares of Amazon, Bezos owns the Washington Post and the Blue Origin company, involved in the development of the spacecraft.