The terrorists showed the destruction after the shelling “Ministry of defense” DNR

Photo: militant Website DAN

Terrorist DNR the night before unknown made the shelling of the building of the so-called “Ministry of defense”.

The militants showed the scale of destruction, the website of terrorists DAN.

“The building was attacked from a grenade launcher that is installed near a residential high-rise buildings on the street Chelyuskintsev in the Kiev district of Donetsk. The result of the shot injured two houses. Were slightly injured the supporting structures of buildings, broken Windows in nine homes”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that as a result of bombardment nobody has suffered.

1 February in Donetsk from a grenade fired at the building where the militants placed “Ministry of defence” of DNR. The militants called it a terrorist attack and said that it was an attempt to “Minister of defense” Vladimir Kononov.