“These do not die,” is today remembered cult Kuzma Skryabin

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“He was always original and distinctive. It was a living plastic the Ukrainian language. So he did, and no one but he will never do that again. He felt special sounds, words. They had always been combined. No one will be able. Such second Kuzma we will never be,” recalls the deceased Andrei Kuzmenko singer Ruslan’s.

Andrey Kuzmenko (Kuzma Skryabin) – the cult Ukrainian singer, band leader “Skryabin”, broadcaster, writer, producer, actor. Died February 2, 2015 in a traffic accident in Dnipropetrovsk region. His SUV got off the road, collided with a milk truck and went into the oncoming lane at the track in the Krivoy Rog district. After the death of Kuzma in different cities have been mourning the action, the Ukrainian, the band recorded a few tracks in memory of the Kuzma. Until now, every year on the day of death in the cities of Ukraine held events in memory of the singer, on which to sing his song.

“Andrew was one of the first who started to create stylish Ukrainian music. It was a unique electronic music, which he successfully experimented. She had a special mood, the state. Kuzma 90-ies was very different from what it was then. Many then experimented, but Kuzma impossible for anyone to confuse the two. He was able to create an atmosphere of excited space – the space around it just rang. I even with my “wild energy” was next to it and very extreme, and at the same time comfortable”, – says Ruslan with TSN.

“I remember the last time we drank tea at his house. He knew that I love herbal teas, and gave me a lot of fresh mint and lemon balm. That ended his life broke and our plans. I was planning to do a song with him and we agreed about this, but events have delayed work on my new album, in which he was supposed to take an active part. Kuzma will forever remain in memory. This death – a fatal mistake. It is not for him. Guys like him never die “.

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Andrey Kuzmenko at a concert, holding a blue and yellow flag. With 2014 took help soldiers in ATO

Ukrainians know “Skryabin” for popular hits, “Old photos”, “People like the ships,” “own country”, “Minibus”, “penguin Dance”, “Boteler”, “Chernobyl forever”, “Left”, “Moms”, “Dolphins”, “shut up.”

“Once we were in the pre-election concerts. I worked on the square, “Skryabin” next at the Palace of culture. After the performance, I went to change into the Palace. And suddenly I hear that plays “factory” and begins the song “Silent.” And I had to take off my skirt, standing in her black fishnet tights, shoes and long men’s shirt. I wouldn’t stop, I drop everything and say, “There’s “Scriabin,” there’s our song. I ran”. And to me: “Ira, where are you, you’re in pantyhose!”. I said, “Nothing, it’s cool.” I ran through the corridors, I understand that he only began to sing, comes the entry, I run out on stage, he doesn’t see me and starts. I from behind start the party live. He didn’t expect. Falls on his knees and sings along. Him falling to his knees I. We loved to sing this song together”, – said the singer Irina Bilyk.

In addition to his artistic activities, Andrey Kuzmenko had an active civil and political position, which was openly expressed, was not afraid to criticize the government. Always helped soldiers ATO financial. Communicated in hospitals with the soldiers. Your trips to the ATO does not advertise. 8 February, 2 days before death were planning there next visit.

“The guys there batteries. Don’t understand what’s going on. Why the anti-terrorist operation to mobilize the country? Obviously, to understand no one wants and the government have their own views on it all. Idiotic situation. What the fuck how many people died? As for me, with my hernia – I’m a soldier relative. Better here to earn money and take the soldiers,” – said Kuzma in a recent interview during a visit to Kremenchug in the Poltava region.

Also made a video address to the deputies. Went on the roads of Ukraine and commented on sees outside the window. In particular, pits, zatuplenie, no repair. Criticism of the government endured and songs, in particular “I’m angry”, “Left”, “History”.

“When I worked as a reporter, did a report on stars. So the phone Kuzma and preserved. One day he called me and started communicating with me, like I know you for 10 years and best friends with him. He said to me: “Solomiyka, there is such a thing. In Lviv want to close opening day.” It is a place of worship in art,” – says TV presenter Solomiya Vitvitskaya.

“I always wondered how he was honest and principled. Before the next election, we did the material, looking for artists that will support or not certain politicians. I “Skryabin” was surprised with a clear position. He said that at the time of contract he was forced to advocate for one political force (supported Party of regions. According to Kuzmenko, made him the guide channel, which then worked. – Gazeta.ua). He then very paid image, it was a Treaty with conscience. Then he decided that he would never sign something like that and support any politicians.”

“I always, when located in Lviv, every week I try to come to Andrew in the cemetery. We communicate a lot, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we grieve. With each arrival of Andrew, is that he is happy, smiles and hugs you. There is really significantly that he was alive, sitting in the crypt with a glass of wine, Smoking, telling jokes, stories and different things that happened to him over these past years,” says volynpost.com Bogdan Kolb, Chairman of the Lutsk fan club “Fashionable country”.

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Andrey Kuzmenko on the day the fatal accident was driving his Toyota Sequoia

After the death of Kuzma about him published a few books, in particular “We, the road and Kuzma”. She describes the founding of the group “Skryabin” and the old crew from 1989 to 2002-th years.

“I think we were friends – at least most of the time in my obeidly the room we had the non-verbal contact (especially when you don’t explain anything) that typically occurs between friends. Remember the “pasta” of hair on the head. It was a time when the words “The Cure” or “The Sisters of Mercy” immediately became beacons for identification “friend or foe”, – writes the description to the book Vitaly Bardetsky.

“Kuzma was “walking” contradiction. Classic homeboy was matched with easy going traveler, who has always been a low start. Without further questioning, he came to help, and then just could prodigality in the most important moment. True patriotism is not in conflict with the conflicting ideas of civil solidarity, wisdom – spontaneous “creepy” actions”.

The singer of 21 years was married to the painter Svetlana, whom he met in his student years. Has a daughter Barbara. His parents are Victor and Olga Kuzmenko live in Briukhovychi near Lviv. Olga wrote the book in honor of son, “My dear bird”.

“Andreychik demanded attention constantly and all, invented a lot of stories that had without a shadow of a smile to listen, to ask something. For example, in 5 years he told stories about how he served in the army. No one never seriously criticized because he could explode into tears of resentment, and then he had to revive on the hands, breathe on it”, – stated in the excerpt from the book.

“The greatest happiness we have with him was the weekend at home on the carpet. Could be from old toys to come up with new, listen to tales that he is from Kiev, sent my two sisters, who at that time studied at the Conservatory. Andreychik himself sat the gramophone, put the record needle jumped up and began the tale with musical numbers,” recalls Olga’s childhood, Andrei.

5 quotes Kuzma Scriabin:

All that is serious in the songs” Scriabin “, an allegory. Therefore, it is necessary to watch the clip and read between the ribbons, to understand us

Patriotic songs you need to write all the time, and not when necessary. Because then it is speculation

Power me thinks mol, which can be rubbed. Don’t see me as danger. . Live on another planet, no one considered

The Ukrainians always know how to choose. Such that first we vazelinom, and then without. Pozhosche. Some sadomasochism in the genes

Better to be optimistic, knowing nothing, than to die and have to raise the hump from being surrounded by the problems themselves

Andrey Kuzmenko was born August 17, 1968 in Sambir, Lviv region. Later his family moved to the city of novoyavorivs’k, where he began his career. She graduated from music school, piano class. Then the faculty of dentistry of the Lviv medical Institute.

The starting point for the group “Skryabin” was adopted on 29 June 1989, joint decision of the members of the group to record the song Feel the Pain and its Ukrainian-language version. In 2000 he became the host of his own hit parade, “the Hot seven”, which lasted until 2002. Wrote the book “I, Victory, and Berlin.” Kicked out of the band several members, then gathered the new composition. Since 2003, Kuzmenko for ten seasons, worked as a TV presenter of a music TV project “Chance” together with singer Natalia Mogilev. 2009 he created the group “Payuschie pants”, helped to the popularity of “Jiji”.

At the end of January 2014 recorded a song dedicated to the events of Euromaidan. During 2014 helped the military and the wounded in the ATO area in the East of Ukraine.

In October 2014 he launched his own Internet radio called “S. A. R. A. K.-My Radio Andrei Kuzmenko”.

Died February 2, 2015 in a traffic accident near the village Lozovatka the Krivoy Rog district of Dnepropetrovsk region. In his honor in Lutsk erected a monument.