Ukrainian police were selling illegal weapons to Russia

Photo: Press service of the SBU in the Chernihiv region

A police officer from Chernihiv accomplices sold weapons to Russia. The weapons were created at the factory and reworked from a traumatic combat.

Malefactors were detained in the center of the city, in attempt of sale of a TT pistol, Makarov and almost 200 rounds to them, the press service of local management of the SBU.

Employee of a city police Department, along with three inhabitants of the regional centre looking for clients in criminal circles and had planned to establish a channel for illegal sale.

They have shipped to Russia several brands of pistols “Parabellum”, “Walter”, PM, ammunition and edged weapons.

In the homes of the offenders, the police found rifles, pistols of various modifications, rifles, capsules and shells for the manufacture of cartridges and containers with gunpowder.

Against criminals opened criminal proceedings for illegal manufacturing and sale of firearms.

Field investigators of SBU together with the police seized in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev weapons and ammunition. A local resident sold weapons under the guise of the online store of military accessories.