Children of immigrants voiced Ukrainian history

Photo: photo from the facebook page “rainbow TV”

Children from families pereselencev of Donetsk and Lugansk regions recorded the audio story for children with visual impairment.

About the social project told Dina Ibragimova General Director of the public children’s Internet TV and radio “rainbow TV”.

Worked on the entry 23 of the children of immigrants. The youngest was 6 years old, the oldest was 13. All the kids TV presenters Studio “rainbow TV”.

“The prose is much more difficult. The children were not just only a voice to convey emotions, make the right accents, says Dean, Also the children from Russian-speaking families is not just to speak pure Ukrainian language and transmit Ukrainian flavor. Often there were tears, but not when it came out the right tone.”

Author: Photo from facebook page “rainbow TV”

It took 4 months and 130 000 UAH to record 20 stories

In General, it took four months and 130 000 UAH to write 20 stories. 100 thousand UAH for implementation of the project provided the UN Agency for refugees in the framework of grant programs to support initiatives of displaced persons, which is implemented by public organization “Crimea SOS”. Tales selected from the book “Zhmenka SLV for a good mood” Glory of the Light. Recorded in a professional Studio.

“The uniqueness of our stories in the 3-D effect. When the background of children’s voices heard as the door creaked Cabinet, car rides or noise “exciting market”. A child can delve into their own world and live all in the imagination, – says Dina, Our tales will help children with dyslexia when there are difficulties with reading. Because they perfectly learn the material by ear. In our Studio there were several children with this disorder.”

Tales recorded on 300 flash drives that will be transferred to 13 boarding schools, where children with visual impairment, as well as in specialized libraries. 20 Feb tales will be available on the YouTube channel “rainbow TV” by publishing the “bright star publishing”.

Author: Photo from facebook page “rainbow TV”

300 flash cards will get children with visual impairment, and specialized libraries

“Stick with fairy tales yellow with blue ribbons. It turns out that children with impaired vision perceive only yellow. The parents of these children were thanking us that chose this color,” notes Dean.

In 2010, in Lugansk children’s Studio “rainbow TV” recorded first in Ukraine to drive audio fairy tales voiced by children. On the second started to work in 2013. To record 1000 discs needed to find 20 000 UAH. Unfortunately, stories are not published online due to the lack of copyright in works.

Migrant from Donetsk restored the business of professional dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture in Kiev. In addition to specialized equipment and detergents needed storage room for storing equipment and a car to go to work to customers.