“I am – was, is and will be Ukraine” – Dmitry Yarosh

Dmitry Yarosh.Photo: Wikipedia

The head of “Ukrainian volunteer army” Dmitry Yarosh commented on Polish Law “On the Institute of national memory”.

Stepan Bandera – an example to follow, Yarosh wrote on his page in facebook.

Ex-head of “Right sector” I am convinced that to be happy Ukrainians will be able, when implementing the ideas of Shevchenko and Bandera.

“Despite your beliefs, I live not only history but also present and future. Therefore, I am Ukrainian banderovets, as a Christian I want to apologize for any hardships that have caused my people to the Polish people. On my Christian nationalist belief any person with a weapon that kills unarmed (not about self-defense they say) makes a sin. There’s no excuses,” – wrote Yarosh.

At the end of the post Yarosh wrote that he and his brothers forgive Poland and serves “the hand of Friendship and Union.”

On the night of 1 February, the Polish Senate adopted without amendments the law on the Institute of national remembrance in Poland. The document stipulates a fine or imprisonment up to 3 years for “denying the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists” against the poles.