Lugansk is in ruins: in the center of rabbits

There is a new video from Lugansk. Frame

New video captured Lugansk published journalist Denis Kazansky. In the video, the locals took the hare.

“The hare runs in Lugansk through the deserted, snow-covered overpass near the station. Previously, there were many people and cars, and now the station is almost working. Comes wildlife. Do wonder what the war to some extent even went to the nature for the benefit of”, – has signed a video Kazan.

The journalist added that last spring saw a large number of pheasants along the roads of the Donetsk region.

In the Ukrainian army liberated the village of Novoaleksandrovka in the Luhansk region have less than 20 residents that the military help. Photos sat on the page in Facebook was published by the head of the press center otoo “Lugansk” Lana Borisova.