Masks, fire, and buried the body Showed footage of the town the horrors of Stephen king

American Andre Holland played in the series “castle Rock”. Photos

Streamingby service Hulu has published a teaser of the series “castle rock” at the heart of which lay the works of Stephen king.

A genre film – a psychological horror.

The events take place in the fictional town of castle Rock. It is alleged in the U.S. state of Maine, where rodent king. The painting will be featured characters from several novels of the writer. In the previous trailer mentioned the names and characters of the different books of the king. Among them – “the Shining”, “the Green mile”, “Catcher”, “Draw” and others.

The main role in the TV series was played by new Zealand actress Melanie lynskey, Americans Scott Glenn ( “the silence of the lambs”), Andre Holland ( “Moonlight”) and Swedish actor bill Skarsgard ( “It”).

Premiere serial pictures, which is producing J. J. Abrams, will take place in the summer of 2018.

Director Steven Soderbergh shot the Thriller “Not yourself” on a normal iPhone. Premiere tape scheduled for March 23.