The woman explained why they kidnapped the baby of his girlfriend

The girl was handed over to the mother. Photo: police

26-year-old resident of Uman said, why kidnap a 1.5-year-old daughter of his friend.

“They said they went to smoke. They were not long, I got a little and went to his home. I was cold, maybe the baby was cold,” she told police.

The woman said she ran from the taxi driver, because he did not have money to pay.

“The police took the child to the hospital where she was examined by physicians. According to the doctors, the baby is fine. The child passed his mother, who arrived with a police escort from the Cherkasy region. Militiamen took them home,” – said in a statement to the police.

Suspect faces 5 years of imprisonment.

Detained 26-year-old woman who was kidnapped a 1.5-year-old girl from Uman. It was the inhabitant of one of villages of the Bershad district. The police Vinnytsia received orientation from Uman about kidnapping. A criminal with a stolen child can go home.