We made the contents of Donbass to Russia more – expert

The expert explained what happens with the enterprises in the occupied Donbas. Photo: Gazeta.ua

The economic basis for the existence of the terrorist “republics” LDNR – no.

This opinion was expressed by the President of the Center for the study of social prospects of Donbass Sergey Garmash in an interview for the magazine “Krajina”.

“”Styrene” has stopped with the outbreak of hostilities. There are a variety of production and with different dependencies on deliveries. Not all could work in those conditions. The supply of gas, apparently, Firtash, who owned this plant was economically neobhruntovanosti. After the “nationalization” of the new temporary administration, changed the management. New management, at first, did not possess the economic situation. Second, all raw material came from Ukraine. These supplies were stopped,” – said the expert.

According to Harmash, the shipment of finished products was in Ukraine. A market in Russia for Donbas enterprises no.

“The fact that there is run only for propaganda. Yenakiieve plant launched the third part of capacity, the raw materials are delivered from the state reserve of Russia, it is not the economy, and clean water policy. To support these “republics” and to create a propaganda effect, businesses operate. In fact, the economy falls, ” he said.

The expert noted that now there is a problem with coal, which Ukraine ceased to buy.

“Now they are trying it all over the world to throw it as a Russian or even some at cheap prices. We must resist this. The economic basis for the existence of these “republics” – no. They were focused on the Ukrainian market and resource base,” – said Garmash.

It is noted that Russia did not quickly rebuilt its economy and it is not necessary, because it has its such companies.

“What’s the advantage of a blockade of all the abuse and talking about the loss of 1.5 billion: the free supply of electricity to the Donbas, Ukraine lost $ 3 billion a year. And how to evaluate the energy independence of the state, which we received after the blockade and ceased to depend on the coal and steel to alter its CHP under other brands of coal are mined in the territory of a free Ukraine. We made the contents of this region for Russia is more expensive. And for Russia, an economically weak – it’s a significant factor. Perhaps that is what makes her at least on what terms to say that she is ready to leave”, – he concluded.

Full interview with Sergey Garmash read in one of the next issues of the journal “Krajina”.

Stopped the supply of water for temporarily occupied by Russian mercenaries to the territory of the East of the country, but this is purely down to technical reasons.