“Where did the growth in gasoline prices”.

Groisman find out why the increased cost of fuel. Photo: TSN

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman instructed the State fiscal service and the Antimonopoly Committee to analyze the situation on the fuel market.

“I want to hear, where did the growth rates in January”, – wrote the head of the Cabinet of Ministers said in his Twitter.

“I asked what the price of imported fuel into the country, at what price to sell. I believe that DFS, in conjunction with the AMC needs to make this issue public. If the oil price were $ 55, and $ 70 today, I understand why there was an increase. But you need to explain to people how the price of fuel and why it has become so, ” said the Prime Minister.

A liter of gasoline A-95 in average in Ukraine is UAH of 30.69. Depending on the networks the price of fuel ranges from 28,39 UAH / l to 32.99 UAH / l. Thus, to save or to pay you to 4.6 UAH