From Kiev told how to make money by selling cookies


From Kiev Eugene Gigamon together with a partner in December last year opened a mini-bakery

“In fact, the production of biscuits have been doing for 5 years. Previously had a small shop and branded points in supermarkets. Baking cookies began after the birth of her daughter. Understand that the range of biscuits on the market does not satisfy me. Most of the products were amplifiers of taste and flavors. I decided to bake for my daughter alone. Later, I realized that can offer a product to someone else, ” he said Eugene Gigamon, co-owner of the project Cookietone concept bakery.

The bakery sells about 60 kinds of cookies.

“Constantly watching the market trends. Now fashion healthy food. People looking for an alternative to white flour. Worried about the minimum amount of sugar or looking for substitutes. Popular products are gluten-free. While we are unable to start it. Because this cookie should be made on completely different equipment, ” – says Eugene.

Cookies Ukrainians had previously associated only with sandy or app. Average bill is UAH 170.

“Once a week online to share their cookie recipes for the huskies. Often get a thank-you note and attached photo cookies,” says founder of the project.

Eugene Gigamon advises entrepreneurs not to be afraid to turn around 360 degrees and start to develop in a different direction.

“The key is to never give up. In February, we are opening another mini-bakery,” added the entrepreneur.

From Kiev Karina Burdocks and Julia Nikolaeva established service gift krigonogov “Bookowina” – put into books and a bottle of wine or a pack of cocoa. Ordering send to the client, who does not know what to get. A gift worth from UAH 492 – for a month, UAH up to 3552 for six months.