“Get the DNI and the LC, under the protection of the UN” – the expert has criticized the phased introduction of peacekeepers in Donbass

The expert criticized the phased introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass. Photo: UNIAN

If Donbass peacekeepers to enter on the terms of Russia, it will mean our loss and not a solution to the conflict.

This opinion was expressed by the President of the Center for the study of social prospects of Donbass Sergey Garmash in an interview for the magazine “Krajina”.

“Russia wants peacekeepers were protecting the OSCE mission, which already threatens nothing. Of course they can fire on a daily basis, so that they believe that they feel threatened. But this does not affect the solution of the conflict, ” – said Garmash.

According to him, the only one favorable for Ukraine conditions on which Russia will never go: to the peacemakers went to all of the occupied territory and shut down the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“The main task is to cut off the supply of weapons, money and fighters. Then still stall. No money – not terrorists. But it will not be Russia, so the peacekeepers would not be”, – said the expert.

In addition, he noted that if the Ukrainian government agrees to a compromise is a betrayal.

“For example, if the phased introduction of peacekeepers: first, they will be on the line of demarcation, after the” elections “they will close the border. All understand if that happens, Russia could block the further introduction of peacekeepers in the first stage. It would preserve the conflict and on the boundary line of the peacekeepers will not be allowed. We get the DNI and the LC, under the protection of UN peacekeepers. That Ukraine should not agree,” – said Garmash.

Full interview with Sergey Garmash read in one of the next issues of the journal “Krajina”.

The Ukrainian army managed to take control of the village Ekaterinovka in the Luhansk region. This was reported by the volunteer Yury Misyagin.