The expert said, for whom English militiamen will undertake in the first place


Feature of England – a large percentage of investment from around the world. Mostly it is money earned illegally which is harmful for the economy. The law “On assets of unknown origin” must change this situation.

This was told by Executive Director of “Center of counteraction of corruption” Daria Kalinyuk in an interview

Why the UK introduced this law?
– The country is known for attracting a lot of investment in real estate from corrupt countries. In London buy housing various oligarchs and government officials from all over the world. The government this situation is not like. According to international standards are means of damage. They need to arrest, confiscate and do everything possible so that they are not poured into the economy of democratic countries.

What harmful such investments?
Critics of the law can say that the country receives revenue and the economy grows. The British, the question arises: why can’t afford a property? It is bought by people with suspicious reputation and dirty money from around the world. If the evening walk through the elite areas of London, you can see a bunch of luxury homes which are not lit. There’s nobody here. Areas that previously was full of life, is devastated. There’s really expensive.

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There is an assumption that every 4 out of 10 luxury apartments or houses in the capital of the Kingdom bought for the corruption money derived from other countries. It should be expected that the number of investigations and the courts?
– I think that the first Procurator of England will be to strive not for quantity but for quality. After all, the country has a system of case law (judgment in a particular case serves as a model for the interpretation of similar cases in the future. – No one really knows how the law is implemented. It all depends on what decision will take the court in considering the first applications.

How will the inquiry procedure?
– The UK national Agency for combating crime should file a claim in court and provide evidence about suspicious assets. The British themselves don’t know exactly yet how it will work. Therefore, investigators are very careful. Will try to send to the court, the first such cases in which it will be obvious that man, being a lifetime bureaucrat in a third world country, may not have house for two million dollars.

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Ukrainian law enforcement officers may initiate an investigation against the Ukrainian owners? A public organization?
– Anyone can apply to law enforcement body of the country with the evidence that a person has illegal property in the UK.

Can potentially take away from the apartment Akhmetov, Kolomoisky or Nasirov?
I doubt the oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky and Victor Pinchuk will be the first in. Because years of doing business. The law is more concerned with situations where some Nigerian Minister all his life he was an officer, but every Christmas I went to London for “shopping”, bought a diamond ring and rested in his apartment in London. The case of Roman Nasirov would be very promising for testing (according to journalists of the program “Schemes” has two apartments in London. –

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What does the list of “foreign public officials”, in which the Ukrainians?
Is a legal concept defined by the international standard for combating money laundering. Individuals who occupy high positions, for the banks are considered high risk customers. Relatively they need to carry out additional checks to find out the origin of the funds, to closely monitor transactions. In case of any suspicion – report to financial intelligence. It is a tool that allows you to identify suspicious transactions of politicians, their relatives and associates.

Is it possible a scenario in which Europe, using the experience of England, will launch a mass struggle against corrupt foreign oligarchs?
– Western Europe is already trying to simplify the hunt for unjustified assets and income.

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January 31 in the UK came into force the law “On assets of unknown origin”. It allows to confiscate the property of corrupt foreigners who cannot prove the legitimacy paid for the property money. We are talking about apartments cost from 50 thousand pounds – about two million. The law applies not only to owners but also to their families. Provides for a simplified procedure to return the arrested funds to the country in which they were illegally zarabotanye.

One of the initiators of the law was an international public organization for the fight against corruption “transparency international”. According to her, four of the ten luxury flats in London to buy for “dirty money”. Under her suspicion are purchase agreements for a total amount of more than 4.4 billion to £ 174 billion.
The organization has already prepared a list of five properties that need to be checked first. Among them is the property of first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov. Owns real estate in the house, located a ten minute walk from Parliament. The Russian Fund of struggle against corruption said that Shuvalov bought two apartments in August 2014 for 11.4 million of the £ 452 million. Combined them into one.
The list is also the family of the President of Azerbaijan, the head of the Parliament of Nigeria and former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Ukrainian yet. However, there are those who are in the so-called list of “Foreign public officials”. Potentially their apartment, too, may be of interest to investigators. The oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov and Igor Kolomoisky and former head of fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov, who is accused of causing damage to the state at two million.