Ukrainian film about a boy from Donbass received the international award

This is the second international award for the film. photo frame W FLA

Ukrainian documentary, the Distant Barking of Dogs (the Remote barking of dogs) won the largest Scandinavian festival in Sweden. This was announced on his page in Facebook assistant Director Azad Safarov.

The film was awarded as the best Scandinavian documentary.

10-year-old character lives with his grandmother Alexandra in the small village of Hnutove in the Donetsk region. Having no where to go, they see others leaving the village. Every day life is becoming harder, and the war has no end. In the deserted village of Oleg and Alexander are the only true constants in life is each other. The film shows how fragile, but crucial, there is a close relationship in the circumstances of survival. The film explores what it means to grow up in the area of war. Demonstrates the effects of war inflicted on children in Eastern Ukraine, and a natural extension, the scars and lessons of life that children of this generation carry with them in the future.

In November 2017, “The Distant Barking of Dogs” won the documentary film festival IDFA in Amsterdam.

Picture of women in war was shown simultaneously in Vilnius and in Marinka