Vandals have forced the IC to spend 5 million UAH

The money spent on broken Windows. Photo:

Since 2012, Ukrzaliznytsia has spent 5,5 million UAH for the glazing of broken Windows by vandals in the intercity trains.

The vandals during this time has damaged the 557 Windows in the intercity trains. One window is now worth about 10 thousand UAH, said the Deputy chief of branch of the Ukrainian railway speed company PJSC Ukrainian Railways on technical matters Alexander Kulichenko in an interview with the newspaper “Magistral”.

“But it costs only purchase glass. The total losses are much greater. In particular, for the replacement of Windows are distracted from their main job workers. And the train, in which the fixation is set aside at least a day, because the glue and other manufacturing materials should solidify. And this entails serious losses. Per flight on average carried just over a thousand passengers, which brings an income of over 300 thousand UAH. If the train in flight came out, the Railways is suffering losses,” he said Kulichenko.

Also since the launch in Ukraine of trains, such as intercity vandals smashed the Windows 45 in the cabins of machinists. One such glass is 754 thousand UAH and the fix time is about 4 days.

As a result of actions of vandals, who often throw objects at the trains, no one was hurt.

Ukrainian singer Ruslana Lyzhychko told about a dangerous incident that happened with her IC train Kiev – Lviv. The window of the car, which drove the artist, someone threw a stone. As a result, the window shattered into small pieces.