Against Boyko nothing is real it is convenient for Poroshenko – expert

Yuriy Boyko best opponent in the presidential election of Petro Poroshenko. Photo: UNIAN

The head of the faction of the opposition bloc Yuriy Boyko best President Petro Poroshenko because the case against him will have no result.

This opinion in comments expressed political Alexander Kochetkov.

“To the “towers Boyko” Boyko it had no relationship. Did his subordinates. Huge “family” took all senior positions in Naftogaz. They are on trial. Boyko and the signatures on any document no. But I must bear political responsibility as curator of Naftogaz, under the roof of which was this deal. Convinced that he knew everything. But in the absence of evidence to prove this is impossible,” – said Kochetkov.

According to him, one should not expect from the state office of public Prosecutor representation on removal of inviolability from Boyko.

“Boyko, Lyovochkin and a few others does the current government responsible for past deeds to attract do not want. This is not legal, and political meaning. The opposition bloc – partners. Boyko is a very convenient opponent Poroshenko in the upcoming presidential elections. It is against the background Boyko will be democratic, honest and transparent. Can win the applause of the civilized world. So smartly against anything real will not” – said the expert.

In 2011, the state company Chernomorneftegaz acquired two drilling rigs. For platform – $250 million Ukraine has paid $400 million for each. The tender was won by a fake foreign intermediary companies. Minister of energy and coal industry was then Yuriy Boyko. Drilling platforms media called “towers quickly”.

Led the then Naftogaz Oleksandr Katsuba. 18 June 2016 Cacubo sentenced to 1 year and 5 months of imprisonment. “The law Savchenko” he counted the contents in jail based on “day two”. On March 10 last year, the court released former official at will, and withdrew the arrest of his property.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko has said that investigators are looking for evidence of illegal activities smartly. However, the views on the involvement of former “regional” accountable and relieve him of parliamentary immunity is still there.