Explained why among the Ukrainians increased smokers

This files most often have contraband cigarettes in the low price segment. Photo: sayanythingblog.com

In Ukraine increased the number of illicit tobacco products more than three times.

According to independent experts, in January 2018 the share of smuggled cigarettes has increased from 1% to 3-4%. With such dynamics, the implementation of smuggling for the year could reach 15% of the total sales of goods, writes UNIAN.

Cigarettes illegally imported from Moldova, Belarus and Russia, where the excise tax is lower than in Ukraine.

This files most often have contraband cigarettes in the low price segment. This is a consequence of an unbalanced state policy in the sphere of regulation of excise tax rates in recent years.

Prices for premium brands of cigarettes in Ukraine is twice less than in the neighbouring countries of the CIS. Thus, the existing pricing actually encourages the youth to the beginning of the consumption of cigarettes.

Experts say that it is necessary to increase the excise tax. Then the price of cheap cigarettes will rise moderately, with a significant rise in the cost of cigarettes “upper” class. This will protect the Ukrainian market from the growth of the illegal importation of cigarettes.

The NBU predict a rise in prices by 2018 of tobacco products by 18%, spirits 11%. Higher prices caused by the government increasing excise duty rates in the framework of harmonization with EU regulations. In subsequent periods, the price of tobacco on alcoholic beverages could increase by 9-13%.