How much it costs to fill the car on 5 February

On average, a liter of A-95 in Ukraine worth UAH of 30.69. Photo:

In Ukraine over the weekend has risen automotive gas. The price of gasoline and diesel fuel, remain high.

As of February 5, a liter of gasoline A-95 in average in Ukraine is UAH of 30.69. Depending on the gas station the cost of fuel ranges from 28,39 UAH/l to 32.99 UAH/l. Thus, to save or to pay you to 4.6 UAH, writes

Diesel fuel costs an average of 28.56 UAH/liter. the Price of diesel fuel at filling stations differ from 26,62 UAH/l to 30.49 UAH/liter.

Automotive gas average sell for 13,12 UAH/l. the Minimum cost of a network AZS – 12,24 UAH/liter. Maximum – 13, 99 UAH/l.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuriy Korolchuk believes that gasoline becomes more expensive because of rising oil prices. Actually justified pessimistic forecast before the end of 2017, the oil was worth nearly $70 per barrel. Energy related. Accordingly, the rise in price of oil affects the price of gas. So, China, one of the largest consumers of natural gas, increasing imports as liquefied and pipeline gas. The country aims to switch from coal to gas, as an environmentally friendly energy source.