Language and “biceps” – Lyashko Dorval in Instagram

The leader of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko, who made an Instagram five years ago, but was not too active a member, in the last days if burst.

This writes the Display ID

The politician confidently marks in popularity of social network, mastering the art of the selfie, showing off muscles and – win-acceptance – mimimising dogs.

Advises father in the difficult task of getting the online popularity of his daughter Vlada, journalists write.

“Mala says to hypenate, it is necessary to make a good selfie,” – said Lyashko photo of yourself with tongue hanging out.

And the MP announced that for two months working on his physical form. The result is “Bichi” he showed subscribers twice already because at first it was suspected that he cheated in a small way.

Oleg Lyashko has acquired five acres of land in the Obukhov district of Kyiv region. Paid 300 UAH 288.

Chairman of the Radical party lives in the house for 15 million UAH in Kozin Obukhov district, Kiev region. Bank accounts has more than 2.3 million UAH and $700 thousand, $30 thousand, €70 thousand and 400 thousand UAH in cash. Civil wife Rosita Sairanen cash had 500 thousand, $ 30 thousand and €20 thousand Lyashko has declared two apartments in the capital. Has Toyota, the civil wife – Mazda.