Man shot in car


The evening of February 4 on Parking in the residential sector of Pokrovsk in the Donetsk region found shot car, but inside a man’s body.

After a few hours the police voluntarily surrendered a 25-year-old shooter. The reason for the massacre was a family revenge. About it reported in Department of communications of the police region.

“In September last year in the private sector of Pokrovsk 4 attackers opened fire in the courtyard, where she lived, one of the local families. Then he was wounded the master of the house – he got a through gunshot wound of the abdomen. After 10 days, the attackers were detained in the river in a rented apartment by the staff of criminal investigation Department of the police of Donbass. Both victims and suspects were acquainted, but because the son of the wounded man decided to take revenge and spent several months carefully planning the time and place for this. Dead, he thought no less involved in the wound of the father, what detained by police before. Around 18:00, taking with him a shotgun, a 25-year-old attacker was released to the victim. The man just sat in the cabin of your car. Releasing several bullets towards the driver, the assailant escaped”, – militiamen reported.

The city has introduced an operational plan, which was blocked all the entrances-exits to the city. A few hours later the attacker came to the police station. When he himself had a gun that killed someone.

Investigative and operational activities continued. The weapon was sent for examination. On the fact of premeditated murder has opened a criminal case.

In Kharkov unknown shot the car. The Audi driver from traumatized died on the spot.