Recruiters are advised how to create a resume

Summary should be readable, clear and succinct. Recruiters are advised to specify the objective salary and attach a photo business. Photo: CCAW survey

For 78% of Ukrainians job search is associated with problems and difficulties. Only one in five found jobs without problems.

Sometimes candidates are struggling to find jobs due to an improperly written resume. Recruiters told how to make so that your resume has attracted interest from potential employers, writes

Grammatical errors in the title

When writing your resume carefully check that no errors have written the post you are applying for, or own name. Haste, carelessness or ignorance of the rules can cost you your career. Grammatical errors in a resume are unacceptable.

Beach photo

Summary should not contain a picture of the mess or blurry and fuzzy pictures. It is not necessary to attach a picture of you in skimpy clothes or with alcohol in hand. It should be professionally made business photography that will interest the recruiter.

About category

Please note in which category you placed your own resume. So, if you are looking for the position of accountant, your resume cannot appear in the section “Transport”. Most often recruiters filtered data to obtain a summary that interests them.

Inadequate wages

Always specify the level of desired salary in your CV. However, this figure needs to be objective. Focus on the average wage level in the market of your specialization and in your city. No need to ask a million hryvnias, if your skills and knowledge aren’t worth it.

Incorrect format

Summary should be readable, clear and succinct. It is not necessary to write a 20-page life story or to send photos from vacation. Let it be a professionally prepared document that reflects your experience and skills.

The Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva said that in 2018, the salary of Ukrainians can grow up to 4200 UAH per month, if it will be reserves. In addition, he stressed that the average monthly wage in Ukraine in 2017 increased by more than 37% compared to last year. So made the 6900 UAH.