Said rose alcohol since the beginning of the year

In September 2017, a bottle of vodka 0.5 l, the average cost 79,55 UAH. Photo:

In December last year Ukrspirt announced the rise in price of vodka the three largest domestic companies.

“Vodka, in connection with growth of 91 penny of production costs, might increase by about 1 UAH for a bottle of 0.5 liters. As from 1 January 2018 GP “Ukrspirt” cancels discounts on the purchase of alcohol for the three largest companies – LLC “UDC” (TM “Khortytsya), “NPK” (TM “Kozatska Rada”,”First Guild”) and LLC “LVN” (TM “Nemiroff”),” – said the acting head of GP “Ukrspirt” Yuri Luchechko, writes “Obozrevatel”.

As of February, the price of vodka in the capital’s supermarkets “Auchan” and “Cocktail” is the same as in September last year. Then alcoholic products has risen from 14 to 19,41%. A bottle of vodka 0.5 liters after the price increase was worth 79,55 UAH.

However, announcements of growth of excise duties of alcoholic beverages is not. At the same time, increased excise taxes on tobacco products.

The NBU predict a rise in prices by 2018 of tobacco products by 18%, spirits 11%. Higher prices caused by the government increasing excise duty rates in the framework of harmonization with EU regulations. In subsequent periods, the price of tobacco on alcoholic beverages could increase by 9-13%.