Shokin did not stay to answer Biden on “su*what son”

Former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin said the words the former Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden, who called it “su*another son.” Photo: UNIAN

Former attorney Viktor Shokin he said the former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden who called it “su*another son.”

He said this in comments “Ukrainian news”

“The fact that he called my dead mother su*Oh, so human, nothing is sacred. I believe that a normal person who has a mother, not so to speak. It is my deep conviction. The mother is the mother. For anyone she’s a Saint,” said he.

Shokin said that “if he fell to this – I just feel sorry for this man. If he does not respect mothers, he’s just special”.

Former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden said, as he made a quick dismissal of the former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina and called it “su*them son.”

Earlier, Biden said that former President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned his post and left the country just after his call.