Showed how in the gray zone in the Donbas falls village

In the Donbas in a gray area village Chagari falls to the ground. Photo: a video frame

In the village of Cigari have Toretsky was held on landslides with a depth of 5 m and 6-7 m in diameter.

This was announced by Chairman of the humanitarian mission “Scilla” Evgeny Kaplin, transfer “news of Donbass”.

Kaplin suggested that the collapse occurred due to the subsidence of mine workings mine them. Gagarin, which is located in uncontrolled Ukraine area.

“According to local residents, the first failure of the soil occurred about a week ago to a depth of about a meter. The day before our visit soil provalilsya the second time in the same place. 20 metres from failure is a residential house in which people live. For 100-150 metres from failure is a water pipe supplying water from uncontrollable parts of Donetsk region on a number of settlements on the controlled part of the region with a population of several hundred thousand people”, – stated in the message.

DNR militants block the restoration of gas supply to settlements of Marinka and Krasnogorovka the Donetsk region. According to the Ukrainian side, without gas and heat are thousands of civilians, dozens of social infrastructure and a number of enterprises in the region.