Showed how the builders destroyed the vineyards of Massandra in the Crimea

Photo: Crimea.inform

In Russian-annexed Crimea, the Massandra management has addressed in law enforcement bodies and the Ministry of property and land relations of Crimea on the fact of damage to vineyards in the lands branch of the “Livadia”.

This was announced by the CEO of the company Yanina Pavlenko passes Pro site “cream.inform.”

“Terrible natural disasters are only developers. In the branch of Massandra Livadia savagely damaged vineyards. This fact is noted, the appeal sent to the Prosecutor of the Crimea, the police and the Ministry of property and land relations. The houses around this area were built in the Ukrainian period on the lands of Massandra, despite the fact that for the period of moratorium on alienation of lands,” wrote Pavlenko.

According to the decision of the Kremlin-controlled Yalta court, the decision of Massandra village Council on the transfer of land from the lands of the state enterprise “Livadia” is recognized as legitimate.

“These decisions were invalidated and the case was sent for new consideration in other structure of court in the Yalta city court”, – is spoken in the message.

In Yalta recalled that the work on the return of land continues.

“The court returned to the brewery of 1.6 hectares of vineyards, illegally seized the company in the Ukrainian period”, – stated in the message.

In addition, Pro-Russian media does not explain why on “returned lands” right now the builders and destroy the vineyards.

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