The body of a baby six months spent in the well


In St. Beieve Chernyakhovsky district, Zhytomyr region in the well found the baby’s body.

The child was in the water for 4-6 months, according to preliminary results of the examination, reported in Department of communications of the police region.

“About the terrible discovery of the law enforcement officers said 62-year-old local resident. According to the man, while cleaning a well in an abandoned household for the outskirts of the village he pulled the trash bag, one of which was the body of a baby. The results of the external examination, the expert established previously that the child was in the well for about 4-6 months, therefore, due to significant changes even to find out the sex is impossible”, – is reported.

The baby’s body was sent for forensic examination to determine the age and cause of death. The criminal proceedings are opened. The child’s mother looking for law enforcement officers. She faces up to 5 years in prison.

In the Lviv region in the district of Brody, a mother threw her newborn baby down a well. Militiamen asked the doctors took 30-year-old woman with postpartum hemorrhage. She is on the account at doctors was not. Admitted that morning bore a child, wrapped in a bag and thrown into a well. Rescuers failed to save the baby.