The dollar rose after the weekend

The dollar rose by 2 pennies. Photo: Antikor

The national Bank of Ukraine on February 5, has set the dollar level 27,88 UAH. This is 2 kopeks more than it was before the weekend.

The website of the NBU.

The Euro rose by 11 kopecks. Today is of 34.83 UAH.

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble 49 kopecks.

In exchange offices buy the dollar at UAH 27,84 sell at 27,95 UAH.

For Euro offer for 34.68 UAH. Sell 34,82 UAH.

Russian ruble 48 kopecks. for buy and sell for 49 kopecks.

The most trusted among the currencies is the US dollar. According to 43% of Ukrainians in that currency is more profitable to keep the money. Further, a large gap followed by Euro – 15% and UAH – 8%.