The occupants were shown how to build a railway spans the Golden gate bridge

Photo: Crimean bridge

In annexed Crimea, the Russian occupancy began to build a railway spans on the bridge across the Kerch watering, which will link Russia with annexed Crimea.

It is reported by Pro site “cream.inform.”

“In parallel, over the sea extend the two branches of the railway spans. One for trains in the direction of the Crimea, the other for the opposite direction, in the direction of Tamani. Every branch pushing two to four powerful jacks with a force of from five hundred to one thousand tons”, – stated in the message.

Design assembled from the factory units on the island of Tuzla. Them pull variable devices ready jacks.

“The speed of motion is about 45 millimeters per minute. In a similar way to marine deposits formed road tracks. Only on this site going to collect and mount 30 sites”, – is reported.

In the annexed Crimea occupation authorities produces sand from the dam lower Kurbatskogo tailings, which contained toxic waste. This threatens the health of people and the environment of the Black sea, the press service MOT (of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons). The sample of sand with a toxic tailings pond near Kerch is in direct violation of the occupation authorities environmental legislation.