The power was allowed to return to the millionaires of the Yanukovych regime – expert

The state office of public Prosecutor closes the case of the wealthy officials of times of Yanukovych. Photo:

The government does not intend to judge the representatives of the regime of the President-the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych.

This opinion was expressed by the analyst Viktor Nebozhenko in comments

“Four years, the Prosecutor General’s office looking for hard crimes Zlochevsky. After Seychelles decided that such crimes are not. Zlochevsky exempt from all charges, arrived in Ukraine. It’s not a miracle. Technology. Everyone who has more than 20 million dollars, of those four years opened the case can be released. Wealthy representatives of the Yanukovych regime can quietly option Zlochevsky and “towers Boyko” ready to return”, – said Nebozhenko.

In his opinion, the statement of the attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko wanted ex-Prime Minister Mykola Azarov aims to divert attention from an expensive vacation to the head of the GPU.

“Suspicious time of announcement of such prosecutorial mercy. Only the return of the man from the Seychelles and suddenly such a sharp movement. He understands that Azarov did not get. And the removal of suspicion with Boyko makes them great friends.

I think Boyko is not drawn. It is only as a witness. A witness can be anyone. It is possible to pull to a ripe old age. The Prosecutor General’s office clearly says: don’t touch smartly with their dirty hands. Want someone to touch — prostaivaya hands to Azarov. But to get to it. It is a mockery of Ukrainians”, – said the expert.

On 1 February, the media reported that the owner of gas group, Burisma Holdings, and the Minister in the government Azarov Mykola Zlochevsky returned to Ukraine. In Kiev held several meetings. Then again left Ukraine.