The presenter ridiculed the ex-Boris APR, comparing his popularity with “Mivina”

Participant of “the Voice” -8 Sianga was formerly known as singer Boris April. Photos Instagram

Presenter Michael Schur (Roman Vintoniv) ridiculed a member of the vocal show “the Voice” Senju, which was previously known in Ukraine as the singer Boris April.
It happened in the new episode “# @) ₴? $ 0 with Michael Shchur”, published on YouTube.

“She changed her sex and became Sianga, which successfully returned to the Ukrainian show-business. One and a half million views in a week. I hear the sound of the keyboard? Is Pavel Zibrov Google the word” transgender, ” said Schur.
According to the Manager at the time, Boris APR were “more popular in Ukraine than the “Mivina” (instant noodles. – ed.).
“Not a single school of KVN passed without jokes about him. But in some time he disappeared from glam radar,” said Comedy presenter.

Also added that to fully restart her career, the singer changed her image, gender, and even the voice, becoming Sianga.

“Ten years of search itself – given Tiange rating results,” concluded Schoor.

Previously, Michael Schur ridiculed the sex symbol of Ukrainian show-business Oleg Vinnik, calling the singer “the unofficial head of the pension Fund of Ukraine”.

“On * er I don’t need Boris April, I’m sorry to say, but I am sorry. I worked for 40 years on stage – about me not writing.-
This was said by Ivo Bobul. Is this insanity already tired, who is this April? Well, boy, became a woman. So what? What is the popularity? Who is he at all? Who knows but Kiev and another fifteen people who are hanging around him? “- angrily said the 64-year-old actor.