Ukraine attributed to the “hybrid regimes”

Ukraine in the ranking of democracies related to “hybrid regimes.” Photo: Корреспондент.net

Ukraine in the ranking of democracies related to “hybrid regimes”.

This is stated in the study 2017 Democracy Index prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit, writes ZN.UA

The analysis of a set of indicators Ukraine gained 5.69 points and set on 83 positions from 167 in the ranking.

In compiling the index on a 10-point scale assessed the electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation and political culture. Based on the results of the evaluation among the States allocated the following categories: democracy, imperfect democracy, hybrid regime, authoritarian regime.

In the category of “electoral process and pluralism” Ukraine gained 6.17 points, “political participation” is 6.67, “political culture” – 6,25, “civil liberties” – 6,18. “Functioning of government” in Ukraine received the lowest grade – 3.21 points, for which the average score did not exceed 6 points. The drafters of the rating include countries with an average score of 6 or above in imperfect democracies.

Besides Ukraine to the 83rd position located Montenegro.

First place in the rating is 2017 Norway (9,87), the rest of the DPRK (1,08).

Higher in comparison with Ukraine, figures showed Slovakia (44th place), Poland (53), Hungary (56), Romania (64) and Georgia (79).

Russia (135), Belarus (138) and Kazakhstan (141) the authors of the rating attributed to authoritarian regimes.

The lowest share was 5.49 points, Ukraine has demonstrated in 2014, the highest – 6.94 points in 2006 and 2008.

The report also published the press freedom index in 2017, according to which Ukraine received 6 points out of 10 related to the countries with “mostly unfree” press.

The maximum score (10) in the ranking was awarded to Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and the United States, the minimum (0 points) – Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, North Korea, Syria, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

In the ranking of economic freedom, compiled by the American analytical centre Heritage Foundation, Ukraine is ranked last at number 44 in Europe and 150 of 186 among the countries of the world.

This year Ukraine’s score increased by 3.8 points, thereby reflecting improvement in eight of the 12 economic indicators.