Volunteer Krasnopolskoe the eve of his death was supposed to present the award

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Before the death of Leonid Krasnopolsky volunteer Dnipro was going to award the title “Pride of the battalion Donbass”

Before the death of the volunteer Leonid Krasnopolsky from Dnipro was going to award the title “Pride of the battalion Donbass”. This was stated by the commander of the 46-th separate battalion of a special purpose of armed forces of Ukraine “Donbass-Ukraine” Vyacheslav Vlasenko, reports “24 channel”.

“Throughout time, starting in 2015, he came through for the battalion, for men: how they dressed, how they are shod, as the fed tried what he could to help. We are not just a token of appreciation were awarded certificates. Now our Commission has considered the question of awarding him the title of “Pride of the battalion Donbass”, just had to give. So for all of us it’s a shock and a big tragedy,” he said.

Krasnopolsky will be buried on Wednesday, February 7. This was announced by Rabbi Asher Joseph Cherkassky, reports UKRINFORM.

“The funeral is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7. Although our laws this should have been done yesterday, but the fact that a criminal case will be conducted today the autopsy of the body, although this is also contrary to the laws of our faith. Parents Leonid will be arriving on Tuesday, and our law allows us to expect that relatives,” said Rabbi Asher.

The funeral of the volunteer will be engaged in the Jewish community. Farewell to Leonid Krasnopolsky will be held at 11.00 am in the courtyard of the CDC “menorah”. He will be buried at a cemetery on the highway in Zaporizhia the Dnieper.

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Leonid Krasnopolsky will be buried on Wednesday, February 7

Krasnopolsky was born in Donetsk. Since 2007 he has worked in the fashion industry by the Director of the Donetsk branch of the network of shops at Terra Nova. In 2009, Krasnopolsky, with the support of fashion designer Mikhail Voronin, opened his tailor shop luxury mens clothing.

Since the beginning of armed confrontation in the Donbas and helped Ukrainian army at checkpoints. Because of the denunciation of a few days was on interrogations of militants. Man freed as a result of the exchange, after which he moved to Dnipro. Here Krasnopolsky continued design and volunteer activities. He began to sew the uniform for military and collect aid for the prisoners of war.

February 4 Dnipro on the Waterfront of Victory the driver of the Toyota Prado rammed the Kia, at the wheel which there was a known volunteer Leonid Krasnopolsky.