Brutally beaten vandal who destroyed the memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly hundred

5 Feb sevastopolets Yuri Chekanov, destroyed on 5 October 2017 the memorial to the Heroes of Heavenly hundred in Kiev, was released from Lukyanivska prison and was severely beaten.

“Yet the beating of our hearts, everyone who will lay a hand on the symbols of our liberty, will lose it and be punished”, – said the commander of the battalion “Tornado” Ruslan Abalmaz on his page on Facebook and posted a photo of the beaten Chekanova.

Author: facebook

In Kiev, brutally beat a resident of the occupied Sevastopol Yuri Chekanova, who smashed plates in the alley of Heroes Heavenly hundreds.

“It’s the vandal who laid a hand on the memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred! When the Law is not valid, restore justice unknown patriots!”- wrote the MP Igor Mosiychuk on his page in the social network.

“Convicted for looting, robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault in the area of ATO during the war. Homicide investigators were unable to prove, although the corpse involved. He’s formed a gang, which kept at Bay the whole town, where there was a company “Tornado” . It is then he already accomplices during the trial, disrupted the meeting, poured prosecutors and judges piss and shit,” – writes in social networks journalist Irina Somaliska.

Alley of the Heavenly hundred Heroes until 2014, was part of Institutskaya street. In February 2014, there was a mass shooting of activists Euromaidan. Most of it are memorial signs.