Ex-Chairman of the regional Council was killed in an accident

Photo: Facebook Alexey Savchenko

On the morning of 6 December on the road near the village Guerrilla vitovskaia area of nikolayevshchina was killed in an accident, the General Director of group of companies “Ration”, the former head of the Nikolaev regional Council and the Deputy Vladimir Lusta. About this Facebook said the Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko.

“I Express my sincere condolences on the tragic death of the Deputy of the Nikolaev regional Council of several convocations, former Chairman of the Council of Vladimir Lusta … Remember – alas, the road does not forgive mistakes,” wrote Savchenko.

He noted that in the most difficult times for the country and region, in 2014, Vladimir Lusta took the responsibility and performed the duties of Chairman of regional state administration.

According to witnesses, the car that was Lusta, crashed into a truck, writes znaj.ua.

The jeep was blown to pieces, throwed into a ditch, and then in the salon there was a fire. Lusta has received numerous injuries incompatible with life. All who were in the car at the time, was burned alive. The causes of the accident are not yet known.

February 4, around 12:50 in the river died volunteer 46-year-old Leonid Krasnopolsky. His car “Kia” on the turn rammed “Toyota Prado”. The man died before arrival of physicians.