Showed a photo of military exercises of troops in ATO

Photo: Facebook / Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Showed a photo with military training one of the divisions separate airborne assault brigade in the ATO area. They teach various types of combat to NATO standards.

Photo published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

The mandatory elements of training is firearms, tactics, technical training, tactical medicine. On the basis of command and staff vehicles, the Marines quickly deploy the control, using the latest systems provide communications in radio and satellite networks, guarding the control points, escorted convoys of equipment.

“This newly formed division created at the sample armies of the countries-members of NATO. It incorporates different areas of training and types of collateral. Soldiers of this unit are young and energetic guys who as a single mechanism perform their tasks,” – said the commander of the unit.

The soldiers of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine carried out military exercises with artillery. Night firing of artillery is not only one of the important elements of the tactical exercises, but also a majestic sight.