The NBU refused to predict the rate of hryvnia

Ukraine is in a regime of floating exchange rate. Photo: Presa Ukrainy

The national Bank announced that they would not give predictions about the hryvnia.

“We don’t give forecast on the course. How the rest of the market – and this will be a course”, – said head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy, writes UNIAN.

According to him, we live in a regime of floating exchange rate.

“In late December – early January was a gain of course. These seasonal fluctuations we see for the third year in a row. Today, the hryvnia strengthened on how the course was at the beginning of the year,” – said resin.

The national Bank expects inflation in 2019.

“In the inflation report and forecasts the end of January have changed the inflation Outlook. Expected reducing it to an iconic level in 2019”, – concluded the head of the NBU.

The national Bank of Ukraine on February 6, established the dollar at the level of UAH accounting period by 27.74. This is 14 kopeks less than yesterday. Euro fell by 32 kopecks worth 34,51 UAH. The exchange rate of the Russian ruble 48 kopecks.