The network showed funny comics about life in the 1930s

The network showed the pages of the old Latvian magazine, which was published in 1930-ies. Each of them contains more funny illustrations.

Best cartoons of the everyday life of the 1930-ies collected

Photo: mircenall/pikabu

MIA posted a comic about the importance of seat belts. In the Department are urged to use straps to save life in an accident.

“Today, little Vanya didn’t wait father home. No, he was not killed by an enemy bullet. He was not sick, on the contrary was a healthy, young man. And, sitting behind the wheel, I thought that with him it won’t happen, and not wearing a seat belt. The truck driver drove into the oncoming lane. The impact was frontal. If daddy little Vani was wearing a seat belt, the risk of death would decrease by 2.5 times.One simple movement and you wait at home home,” wrote in the message.