The refuge makes copies of professional clothing for fashion stores

Photo: Page facebook sewing shop Allmodern

A seamstress earns UAH 60 per hour. Salary reviewed every three months. About it says the refugee from Luhansk, Natalya Hnica. She opened a sewing shop in Kiev.

“We need to be clear what is needed a technique to not to buy too much. If you are working two seamstresses, to buy a special machine for sewing sleeves for $1200 – it’s expensive,” says Natalia Anikina from Lugansk, which has 20 years experience as a seamstress and in 2014 opened in Kyiv sewing shop.

In the sewing shop “Allmodern” help to design and sew clothes according to customers sketches. Sew men’s, women’s and children’s clothing of any complexity. Customers can buy all necessary fabrics, accessories, threads.

Author: Page on facebook sewing shop Allmodern

The customer is fully responsible for the appearance of the garments

“The customer is fully responsible for the appearance of the garment. We – for the technological part, the clothes sewed qualitatively. Several times refused to take orders because he could not guarantee the quality for the money, – says Natalia, – Are brands that often do not produce more than a few things in season and sell them for big money. The collection can be two things, and maybe 15 different size”.

The shop employs five seamstresses whose salary depends on the number of stitched things. Creates patterns one pattern maker and designer. During the year these workers can develop about 200 models.

“The cost of the work of a seamstress is about 60 UAH. Salaries are raised once in three or four months. To assemble a team of professionals, you need to clearly know exactly who you need. And to understand the clothing business to speak with the staff the same language, – says Natalia, – When calculating the cost of collection sew test samples and see how long it takes to manufacture. For example, to sew a blouse to three hours. The client pays for our time.”

Author: Page on facebook sewing shop Allmodern

In the sewing shop “Allmodern” employs 7 people

New customers through online advertising. In a month you can spend up to 2000 UAH. Page sewing shop Allmodern in facebook and a website created as a portfolio work.
In the nearest plans of Natalia edition own collection and expansion of the shop equipment up to 20 sewing machines.

By may 2014 Natalia Anikina through work, lived in two cities: Kiev and Lugansk. In Luhansk started to create their own sewing shop, sewing lingerie. After the outbreak of hostilities, the equipment is sold. Left only one car, which took in Kiev.

To restore the business in Kiev, from Donetsk took out the equipment in a disassembled state. At checkpoints said that conventional vacuum.