The Verkhovna Rada adopted an urgent appeal to Poland

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda has not yet signed a controversial law. Photo:

The Verkhovna Rada in a joint statement condemned adopted in Poland a law banning “Bandera ideology” and called on President Andrzej Duda influence the situation.

The corresponding decision was supported by 242 MPs.

“This law is not compatible with democratic values. It opens the way to manipulation and strengthening of anti-Ukrainian tendencies in Polish society. The Verkhovna Rada categorically rejects and rejects the policy of double standards and the imposition of the idea of collective responsibility of the Ukrainian nation, and attempts of the Polish side to equate the actions of all of the fighters for independence of Ukraine to the crimes of two totalitarian regimes of the 20th century – the Nazi and the Communist,” announced the statement of the MP Anna Hopko.

“The authors of the address call on the President of Poland, the Sejm and the Senate to return to the Ukrainian-Polish connection, balance, rationality, goodwill and strategic partnership,” – said during the presentation of the resolution MP Borys Tarasyuk.

“I hope the Polish side will hear us… We want to know that a number of us reliable associates and fellows. I hope that will stop the war of words and war of laws”, – said the speaker Andriy Parubiy after the vote.

On the night of 1 February, the Polish Senate adopted without amendments the law on the Institute of national remembrance in Poland. The document stipulates a fine or imprisonment up to 3 years for “denying the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists” against the poles.

Further, the law must be signed by the President.

Ukraine condemned the adoption of such a document. Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said that the idea to recognize some of the nation criminal leads nowhere. The document criticized Israel, the United States, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, the OSCE. Polish intelligentsia asks the President to veto the bill. Praised Poland for the ban, “the Bandera ideology of” only in Russia.