The war in the Donbas is significantly different from the other military conflicts – journalist

Ukrainians began to protect the earth from evil. Photo reuters

Military journalist Sergei L. Loiko announced the difference of the war in the Donbas from the other military conflicts on the continent.

“The war in the Donbas was once black and white. One side is evil and the other good. Welcome to protect their land, forced to protect. I think the only plus of this war, if so it can be called, that it makes the Ukraine out of the wreckage of the Soviet Union into a cohesive nation of Ukrainians, regardless of their nationality. This is the only plus of this war. And minus everything else, human life,” said Loyko.

The beginning of the war in the Donbas was to seize administrative buildings.

“Because I was in Slavyansk, and saw how all this happened. I saw that quite strangers came to town, seized administrative buildings. I saw what happened at the Donetsk airport. You know, when you you spend your entire life in war – on one for the second, third, eighteenth – something you, in General, get used to the fact that in every war both sides have their own truth. Some do terrible things, the other side is also not characterized by their actions. And in the Donbass it is not so – there really is only one.”

The journalist said, when Ukrainians will be able to make peace with Russia.

“I don’t want to say that Ukraine and Russia make peace. What it is made up two countries? What does it mean? In Ukraine killed a huge number of people collapsed the entire region, and destroyed infrastructure. How to reconcile? What does that mean? It is impossible to revive the person. The country can do anything, shake hands with each other, but these bloody wounds will heal very long time, these personal wounds. I believe that Ukraine to make peace with Russia only when Russia is not Russia.”

The Ukrainian army over the past few months took a lot of territory under its control in the occupied by Russian mercenaries in Donbas. The ATO forces liberated may, Gladsome, Verkhneolonetski, Novoaleksandrovka and Katerinovka in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.