“We have a country but no state. Trying to build it: unfortunately, the roof first and then the Foundation” – Matios

– In the world are considered with those who are strong. Ukraine should become a strong, – said in an interview Gazeta.ua the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

26 Jan at 12:47 invites you to the office on the seventh floor of the General Prosecutor’s office on Reznitskaya street in Kiev. In the waiting room on the wall hangs a poster with the Heavenly hundred, the image of the Hetman Philip Orlik. In the Cabinet on the wall – a copy of the authentic text of the first Ukrainian Constitution of 1710, was a portrait of the writer Vasily Stus’s verse “be patient, be Patient – you terpiece Slu”. On the floor on the green wooden box is a machine gun during the Second world war. On the table is a statuette of the white owls, the book of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko and Mustafa Nayem MP “obidva Boca colocolo the dart”.

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

“No need to invent the wheel to fight corruption. It is necessary to eliminate its background”

– People think that all 300 thousand officials in the country – takers. No need to invent the wheel to fight corruption. It is necessary to eliminate its background. The tools to do this. There is no will. And not the will of the President. There is no will of the legislator, which takes the sometimes absurd laws – says Anatoliy.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on de-occupation of Donbass. You criticized him. How dangerous is this document?

You can show off the final version of the law? Who can? Nobody. The end positions taken from the voting vinnika (MP from the faction of the BPP. – Gazeta.ua).

I am strongly opposed to the government, people, law-enforcement institution lived by the laws that have been adopted with the vote. Taking the law which regulates the question of war, peace, you need to think about the possibility of its implementation. Alternatives to the Minsk process now, no. But he envisages the involvement of the peacekeeping contingent under the auspices of the United Nations. Where in the law provisions on the possibility of involvement of peacekeepers? Who will be watching? How can I increase the powers of individual institutions contrary to Express provisions of the Constitution? And there are many questions. The Prosecutor General’s office provided comments, but they apparently didn’t even read. All spaces of this law will come out immediately when you will need to apply it.

Some advantages of this law has?

The positives are. However, they are more political than practical.

Why did you want to lead the State Bureau of investigation?

Have experience in managerial positions in different areas. Know how to make the bureaus work faster, more efficiently. Plus it’s a challenge. To build something new and to do good, no matter how ambitious it may sound, is ambition. I am from Bukovina, we the people are vain. There are Ukrainians, and there is a wild Ukrainians. I – wild.

What will happen to the military Prosecutor’s office when the Bureau?

The law States that the military Prosecutor is and will be. Maintaining public prosecution in criminal cases has not been canceled.

However, when the RRT – God only knows. Constant reform leads to the fact that collapsing building and begin to build the roof. And we would have to start with the Foundation. At least to amend the final provisions of the CCP. The appointment of three managers of the RRG is not the start of his work. Now is the absurdity, and law enforcement officers have a huge problem. The vacuum has led to the complication of the procedure paper bureaucracy, which is not exactly in the interests of the people.

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

“Constant reform leads to the fact that collapsing building”

What are the crimes most often committed war?

For 2017, the military prosecutors have registered 4719 implementation in Ukraine. Offences committed 7352 military. A lot of crimes against the established order of military service – desertion, unauthorized abandonment of place of service, abuse of authority, breach in the relationship, insubordination, threat or violence concerning the chief and the inaction of the military power.

With cases of past years, last year we investigated more than 20 thousand criminal accomplishments. This is half of all cases of the prosecution. They would have to pass the RRT. Who is now to transfer 20 thousand implementations?

Military prosecutors for 2017 registered 4719 criminal cases. Offences committed 7352 military

Remember some unique crime?

In 2014 a mass character was desertion or leaving the place of service. In August the Minister of defence provided information on the unauthorized removal of the whole unit with the ATO and the drift toward the deep rear. It was the battalion “Prykarpattya”. 259 people without any real threats with weapons bared the front and drove home through the whole of Ukraine. When they tried to stop them, they attacked with guns on members of the military police. Then I had to take a helicopter and land in a field. Demanded to stop. We were only three – the representative of the army, my Deputy and me. I will say this – it sadly. And then all 259 people received the status of combatants. They did not participate in the fighting, no one wounded.

What were the consequences?

Announced their suspicion of company commander and battalion. Sent criminal the exercise of the court. Up to this time no solution. Because the court is afraid. But when the army has no discipline, it is chaos. Then there is no defence or attack. The lack of inevitability of punishment entails a continuation of the crimes and the destruction of the principles of statehood.

259 the man with the gun withdrew from the Donbas and the Ukraine went on the buses

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

“To build something new and to do good, no matter how ambitious it may sound, is ambition. I am from Bukovina, we the people are vain”

Whether created military courts and the police? They need?

As with judicial reform did not remember about military courts? They were eliminated in 2012. Then everything was done to the state does not have the tools to ensure national defense through the observance of military discipline. But when the military Prosecutor’s office renewed in 2014, and no words said, because all have seen, we have a war.

The courts is the roof of the entire military judicial system. Ukraine is at war, and for a long time will be in postcentral. We, by analogy with the NABOO, is to create the National Bureau of military justice. It is not necessary amendments to the Constitution. To combine military service of law, investigators of the military Prosecutor’s office, there to integrate the Supervisory attorney. And then this line will work on the end result, which will be considered by a competent judge. Now more important: the creation of a military court or anti-corruption?

In your opinion, the military?

The legislator doesn’t think so. Moreover, our partners insist on the establishment of the second.

Israel for dozens of years is in a state of war. They have created everything: the military, the police, the Prosecutor’s office. The soldier’s lawyer gives the state at their own expense, the court, composed of judges, representative of the military unit and the Prosecutor, supports the charges. The sentences of these courts the military has confidence. Pardon is the chief of the General staff.

Did you go with such initiatives to the President?

To all without exception, and several times. However, the state is in the process of continuous reforms, and everyone thinks that his question is the most important thing.

The government is in the process of continuous reforms, and everyone thinks that his question is the most important thing

The most high-profile case concerning military – General Nazarov, Colonel Bezyazykov and border guard Kolmogorov – in the courts. Relatively Nazarov society supports the charges, and with respect to the Kolmogorov and Bezyazykov opinions are divided. Why?

That’s right folks. We need to do our job impartially. The final decision will give the court. To the right of Kolmogorov, by the way, is a classic example of the pressure on the court. Even the European institutions also noted this in its monitoring. People are not able to track all of our 20 thousand criminal accomplishments. The pressure on the court is a wave generated by politicians. Is society wants chaos and lynching, as it once was in America? War is a terrible thing, but in the rear, where there were no checkpoints, aiming to shoot no wheel and windshield of the car… This crime.

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

On the floor in the office of the chief military Prosecutor on the green box is a machine gun during the Second world war

How does the military Prosecutor’s office with the Ukrainian soldiers that were in captivity of militants ORDO? There are those who return recruited?

We do not substitute the organs of the military counterintelligence. If traded ex-military, they must undergo the procedure of robot psychologists, polygraph, verification of the SBU. If the person was captured after illegally left the place of service, or in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and even went with the weapon – we’re investigating. There are such cases. However, legally there is no captivity, there is false imprisonment.

The number of non-combat losses among our military in 2014, in your words, more than 10 thousand. More than 6 thousand of them wounded and unable to serve, the rest killed. Why so many?

Is this three full teams. Disease, alcohol use, careless handling of weapons, intentional crimes relative to their colleagues. There was a case when in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, a grenade was thrown into the stove, and 13 people were injured in the tent. The other shot her – three of them died. Accident, improper handling of equipment. Plus a poor selection of people with the passage of the medical Board at pryzove. Now the situation has improved.

10 thousands of people were not prepared for the harsh conditions of the army, the war. The war opens in man the worst or the best features. It has always been. Can it be minimized? Possible. This requires strict discipline and the inevitability of punishment for committed crimes. Last year was sent to the court 52 the military – when the ordinary or the Sergeant used a weapon or a threat to his commander refused to follow orders. But in the civil court cases take years. Now and civil investigators in RRT is going to investigate. As a consequence, everyone starts to think: “I commit a crime, and for me it will be nothing.”

The government is in the process of continuous reforms, and everyone thinks that his question is the most important thing

Will it be possible to condemn the leaders!

The procedure prescribed by law. It is impossible to collect three of the activists or concerned citizens and say, “Guilty because you’re in DNR”. It is necessary to collect evidence of their work. How to do it? In their interview? This is an insufficient evidence base.

What do you need?

The time and opportunity to gather evidence in a lawful way. To start the special procedure of pre-judicial investigation and tried in absentia. This institution was introduced only in 2016. Pre-judicial investigation we have done, but because of the shortage of judges by a special judicial implementation from the preparatory hearing to the final decision may last up to a year. This is absurd.

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

“War opens in man the worst or the best features”

Citizens are now at hand from two to three million weapons. How to solve this problem?

This figure is called a journalist. Then it began to repeat. Arms is really a lot. Exactly how many nobody knows.

What to do with it?

Deliver. Not to prosecuted. What makes Ukrainian? Pulls home, and home – nothing. Grenade, ammunition, a gun – just in case. Can’t you see that almost every day a domestic over a grenade? In my opinion, legalize the market and the volume of weapons. Do it based on clear rules: you are capable, become registered, registered weapons. If you kill someone deliberately, you will be brought to justice. However, when the intruder will know that his forehead can shoot, not go on the offense. Moldova many years ago passed a law about guns. In its first year of operation the level of street crime fell by 40 percent.

We should legalize the market and the volume of weapons. To make it clear the rules

Why aren’t we going this way?

This is a question to the legislator.

Whether the perpetrators of the explosions at ardclach in Balakliya and Kalinovka?

Understanding of the mechanism and the reasons for the explosion in Balakleya installed. Now lasts for the calculation of damages. But the responsibility of not attracted to a country or virtual people. The bombings made people not from Ukraine.

In Kalinovka regular examination. The cause of the explosion has not yet established any experts or investigators.

What conclusions to take away from these tragedies?

Insights should not be the military Prosecutor’s office and bodies of military administration and command, the General staff. It needs to revise even the Soviet regulations for the protection, maintenance and operation of military depots and arsenals. Something started to do, but not enough.

I don’t believe in the process called creating visibility. I – for action. Like to do yesterday. If you know what to do, we should do. And sometimes quite simple things and acts, primarily the will to do so.

I – for action. Like to do yesterday. If you know what to do, we should do. And sometimes quite simple things and acts

Open whether the implementation against the Ukrainian military, who remained in the Crimea?

There remained a military presence – more than 20 thousand. They can be prosecuted through the courts. How to judge when they are there? In absentia. For this need investigation. To obtain permission for pre-trial investigation, then the special court. These things we registered, investigate. Now must pass the RRT. Bureau they will do next.

You five hours passed a polygraph test. Worried?

Why would I worry?

Say, in these situations, everyone is worried.

I don’t know of a single leader in the state their level who could have passed such a test. But I served in SBU. There all the officers pass the polygraph. If you have nothing to hide, why worry?

I served in SBU. There all the officers pass the polygraph

What questions remember?

And what could be remembered? If I’m not spying for China?


In the first place – whether working for foreign intelligence agencies, whether you are a citizen of another state. During the competition the head of the RRG on a polygraph revealed people who have the card of a pole. Gives the right to citizenship under the simplified procedure. No idea: if you have this card, how are you going to investigate cases against senior officials and law enforcement officers in Ukraine?

You bribe offered?

Ten times answered this question on a polygraph. No.

Author: Nazar MAZLUM

Anatoly Matios said that the bribe he was offered

What has changed most in the Ukrainian society after the revolution of dignity?

The society has failed to give birth to a new quality of a state. War, hard times are always a lift for passionate people. For those who can be a guide, to all who believe. And who gave birth to the Ukrainian society after the Revolution? Semenchenko? Sobolev’s? It Shvonder. In their minds the devastation.
How has the society changed? Learned the words “treason” and “victory”? We now have white and black. Undertones disappeared. I have the impression that someone is evil destroys what is the Foundation of the state. And calls it reform. You just have to comply with the law the instruments that are there. And the anti-corruption court is not required.

How to change this?

To promise people only sweat, tears and blood. So said the people of Churchill after the election. When the society accepts it, then something really change. And while there will be war, and there will be open restaurants… When the priorities of the anti-corruption court, not military justice… And so on… Then everything will stay as it is now. Peace will not come.

What are the challenges for Ukraine in 2018?

The country or government? We have a country but no state. By the sometimes absurd trying to build it: first the roof and then the Foundation. The main challenge is the war in the heart of Europe, soon to be four years. Ukraine should become a subject of international politics. Not a territory and a testing ground for experiments, for testing the positions of particular States. Consider who is stronger. Ukraine should become strong. Ukrainians have to understand that they are not a population, and the nation.