Weapons in Ukraine should be legalized – Matios

Ukraine needs to legalize the arms market, says the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios. Photo: wartime.org.ua

Ukraine needs to legalize the market of weapons. In an interview with Gazeta.ua said the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.

“What makes Ukrainian? Pulls home, and home – nothing. Grenade, ammunition, a gun – just in case. Can’t you see that almost every day a domestic over a grenade? In my opinion, legalize the market and the volume of weapons. Do it based on clear rules: you are capable, become registered, registered weapons. If you kill someone deliberately, you will be brought to justice. However, when the intruder will know that his forehead can shoot, not go on the offense. Moldova many years ago passed a law about guns. In its first year of operation the level of street crime fell by 40 percent,” he explained.

According to the chief military Prosecutor, the issue should be resolved by the Verkhovna Rada.

Interview with Anatoly Matios read HERE.

The first petition on the website of the President, which was reached in September 2015, the required number of votes, was the Ukrainian Association of gun owners. It required legislation to approve the right of citizens to protection.