Artillery ATO told how the partisans in the Donbas

“Work gently” – the fighter told about the Ukrainian underground and partisans in the ATO. Photo:

In the occupied Russian militants mercenaries territories of Donbass is Pro-Ukrainian “underground and partisans”, which perform important tasks.

This was stated by the ATU fighter, gunner Andrei Kobzar, transfers “observer”.

About underground fighter said, commenting on the fact that in Donetsk was shot by a car with two Russian military personnel.

“In any case, our ears and eyes there. Underground and partisans. But they are engaged in more delicate work, ” he said.

According to the artillery, in the beginning of the war in the Donbass, they actively participated in such actions, but now “in these risky operations just does not make sense”.

“More use to our partisans and underground fighters bring by gathering and transmitting information. There is no need to resort to any action that, first of all, because this task these half-assed “Republic” an excellent job themselves,” he said.

Gunner said that the hostile “army”, as practice shows, in this case working with light, with the bee creative.

“It’s a spider and snake’s nest, in which each pursues his goal, which has a permanent conflict of interest. In this Donbass Somalia, no one can guarantee their safety. No one can guarantee that you won’t be blown up or shot in the car – whether on orders, or on its own initiative “, – he added.

Fighter ATO stressed that “this is cool. We just have to stock up on popcorn and watch”.

Russian mercenaries-fighters “national militia” LNR showed their “fortified positions” in Slavyanoserbsk area.