Briton filmed street artist Banksy

A resident of the British city of Kingston upon hull Richard Tilson accidentally took video of a man who could be a street artist Banksy.

Richard Tilson was first off the van’s car because he thought it the robbers are sitting. However, the driver got out of the van and went to the bridge to take a picture of one of the newly created graffiti. Man, all recorded on camera and, as it turned out, the next day the with this graffiti appeared on the official Instagram account of Banksy. So that was his job. This was reported on The Independent.

Publication from Banksy (@banksy) on Jan 26, 2018 at 11:45 PST

In 2016 a British DJ Goldie expressed the theory that the mysterious artist Banksy really is member of Massive Attack – Robert Del Naja. If so, then the man’s face out of the van and face of the musician Robert is really like.


The mysterious artist Banksy and Robert Del Naja

The identity of Banksy is still not installed. In the late 1990s, the man acted like a normal graffiti artist, but later to be able to escape from the police Banksy began using stencils. Thanks to the talent and acute social themes, the artist quickly gained popularity in England and throughout the world.

In London found work graffiti artist Banksy that was painted over and beaten with boards 10 years ago.