Build farms, plant gardens: Groisman has promised farmers a record support

Manual on management of dairy cows for legal entities will be 1500 UAH on the head. For private households – UAH 2500 on the head. Photo:

On 7 February at the government meeting, the Cabinet endorsed a number of resolutions aimed at supporting the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.

“I urge all farmers, large and small, buy Ukrainian equipment made by Ukrainian hands. So have 25% of the equipment cost back,” said the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, reports “government portal”.

At the same time, the Cabinet proposes to repay 25-30% of cost of construction of new dairy farms and commodity complexes. In addition, farmers will be able to build farm loans at 3% in local currency.

A “guide on management of dairy cows for legal entities will be 1500 UAH for the head. For private households that wish to contain youngsters payment will be 2500 UAH in the head”, – said Groisman.

Compensation is envisioned in the areas of horticulture.

“I want to plant a garden – buy Ukrainian seedlings. The state reimburses 70% of the cost of planting material,” – said the Prime Minister.

The Cabinet noted that the legal farms should be more and the goal is to produce twice more products achievable.

“The legal sector, having taken into account land and livestock, this year get loans at 1% in UAH up to 5 years. Sowing get 100% compensation for the cost of seeds. This will affect economic growth and support of Ukrainian farmers,” concluded Groisman.

18 Dec 2017 held a warning protest of farmers. They blocked roads in three regions of Ukraine – Cherkasy, Rivne, and Khmelnytskyi. This step pushes agricultural producers and tax policy. Because they were deprived of the right to a budget refund of value added tax when exporting sunflower, soybean and rapeseed. This will cause harm in the amount of 10-16 billion.