Found deficiencies in the calculation of pensions

In the Finance Department of the Ministry of defence warned of the reduction of the pensions of every month. Photo:

The Finance Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine revealed a number of shortcomings in the new system of calculating pensions for the military.

The changes suggested by the Ministry of social policy, the military, fired in 2015, will receive a pension is 15% lower than dismissed in 2014 with the same rank and seniority, writes Ukrainian Military Pages.

So, the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel, dismissed in 2015, will have a pension of 3,800 UAH. At the same time, Sergeant, squad leader, dismissed in 2003 with the same seniority – 7300 UAH.

In accordance with the amendments, the pension will not count all 544 thousand military pensioners. From 1 January 2018 the changes will affect only 274 thousand pensioners, and from 1 December 2018 – 140 thousand pensioners.

At the same time in the Finance Department of the Ministry of defence warned of the reduction of the pensions of every month.

In addition, about 90 thousand pensioners will receive higher pensions due to the lack of primary documents. Because the mechanism of granting of additional documents does not take into account their shelf life. The consequence would be social tensions between the dismissed soldiers and those who served. As previously, a pension does not take into account changes in cash collateral.

Previously approved military pensions will be annually reviewed in accordance with the growth of average wages and the consumer price index. Therefore, to predict the amount of the pension will be impossible. Thus, the proposed principle of charging is suitable for countries where for decades was not a jump in inflation.

There is a risk of a significant reduction of interest in further service for 25-40 year old soldiers. Because of the relatively high future pension would be unlikely.

Today, 7 February, under the Parliament held a meeting of the military pensioners are demanding higher pensions. The action was attended by about 400 protesters. As you can see from the flags, it is the representatives of the coordination Council of veteran organizations of power structures of the Ukrainian Union of associations of combatants and veterans of military service, the Union of officers of Ukraine. The activists are holding posters with inscriptions: “we Demand the recalculation of pensions”, “No to the genocide of the military pensioners.”