“In my paintings dominated by shades of red” – Ivan Pritula came to the art of Boxing

Photo: Ivan Pritula

Lviv artist Ivan Pritula started painting after a career of a boxer.

“In 1998 drew a picture of Jesus with your fingers because you didn’t have professional brushes. But did not attach any importance to this, because I wanted to build a boxer’s career. At the age of 17 joined the Boxing section and went with it for 13 years. Decided to realize their desire to paint when there was a forced break in the occupation Boxing due to injury. I had a dream that I was in the city gallery opened a personal exhibition. the next day, bought paints, canvas and began to draw. The first drew a couple of horses. It I then bought as a gift for wedding”, ” – says 29-year-old Ivan Pritula.

Special art education Ivan has not. Graduated in 2016, the Lviv University of physical culture, specialty Boxing coach.

“Ten years was engaged in Amateur Boxing and competed for medals and certificates. After that two years was engaged in Boxing professionally. He also worked as a coach”, – says the artist.

Not limited to genres and techniques.

“Every painting is a wave of sentiment. Painted icons, people, nature, architecture. Now in my paintings dominated by shades of red. It is said, therefore viplachivau aggression, which has accumulated during a Boxing lesson”.

Last year Ivan Prytula has already held his first personal exhibition in Lviv. Was also a member of the event “People of Lviv 2017”. Dreams of a solo exhibition abroad.

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