In Ukraine is much more expensive products and services.

Most products become more expensive due to the growth of wages and social standards. Photo: Ukraine live

In 2018 in Ukraine predict a rise in price of products, goods and services. The average price increase is 8.9%.

At the same time, by mid-2019 to continue the rate of inflation. Bread, sausage, confectionery, canned goods, and market services – by the end of the year will rise on average by 8.2%, says the report of the NBU.

On the rate of inflation directly affects a significant price increase in 2017 of raw foods. After all, they are used as raw materials for the products of core inflation.

The second reason for the price increase – increase in social standards and wages. Besides, raw food will rise by 4.6%.

Until the next harvest, they will go up by about 2.5% in the quarter. For example, potatoes for the summer will cost 50 kopecks more. The apples will rise to 17-18 UAH/kg, Pork – up to 115 UAH/kg.

On 31 January 2018 the average price of potatoes in the Capital market of Kyiv is UAH 4 per kg. Thus, for the first month of the new year this product has risen in price by 50 kopecks cabbage at the end of January rose by 1 UAH. On average – 4 UAH per kg. in addition, 50 kopecks rose onions. Last month, a kilo of onions sold at UAH 4. On January 31 pounds of carrots on Kyiv wholesale market can be purchased for UAH 5.