Matios said, as he passed the polygraph

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios no worries, it passes a polygraph test. Photo:

Chief military prosecutor Anatoly Matios no worries, it passes a polygraph test. He told this in an interview

“Why would I worry?

I don’t know of a single leader in the state their level who could have passed such a test. But I served in SBU. There all the officers pass the polygraph. If you have nothing to hide, why worry?”- he said.

Matios said that asked: “do Not spy on China.”

“In the first place – whether working for foreign intelligence agencies, whether you are a citizen of another state. During the competition the head of the RRG on a polygraph revealed people who have the card of a pole. Gives the right to citizenship under the simplified procedure. No idea: if you have this card, how are you going to investigate cases against senior officials and law enforcement officers in Ukraine?”- said the chief military Prosecutor.

Full text of the interview with Anatoly Matios read HERE.